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  • Grishko 2007

  • from 43.00 €
      • Pink

  • This handmade Russian shoe suits a range of dancers - from beginner to advanced. The 2007 combines the best features of each Grishko pointe shoe. It features a ¾ shank (available in three strengths) which is designed to alleviate pressure on the first metatarsal, and a supportive u-shaped vamp. Flexible, lightweight and quiet, the Grishko 2007 is also very flattering on the foot.

  • Merlet DIVA

  • from 77.00 €
      • Flesh

  • Diva is entirely developed and produced in Limoges. DIVA has a 3/4 shank and is produced in the widths C and D with a medium sole.

  • Freed SSBD Classic Demi

  • from 54.50 €
      • Pink

  • The Classic Demi is the perfect transition from soft ballet shoes to Pointe Shoes They are hand lasted by Freed of London Pointe Shoe Makers and are constructed entirely from natural and biodegradable components. Classic Demi has a deep vamp with a round cut and light, soft blocks and no insole to enable the full articulation of the demi pointe. It has a straight cut side and cotton drawstrings. These Demi Pointes are worn by many students for senior exams and are recommended by many teachers to prepare the feet for pointe work. Made in UK

  • Grishko 2007 PRO FLEX - neu

  • from 72.00 €
      • Pink

  • Similar to Grishko-2007 PRO with distinct insole, where the flex technology provides a gradual roll-up to "demi-pointe" and then "en pointe".