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Discontinued Pointe Shoes
  • Merlet ADAGIO

  • from 15.80 €
      • Flesh

  • Adagio was developed from traditional materials. This elegant pointe shoe provides good stability and has an excellent price performance ratio

  • Merlet N2

  • from 22.60 €
      • Flesh

  • The lining on the inside of the shoes, is made of a microfiber material for a velvety soft feel. The box is made of pliable materials which mold to the shape of the foot and simulateneously reduce noise while dancing. Because of the 3/4 sole it is very easy to roll onto pointe.

  • Capezio 102 Glissé

  • from 23.20 €
      • European Pink

  • The Glissé features a broader, "feathered", hand-molded toe-box with a wide platform and long vamp. It's U-shaped throat allows the dancer to roll straight from flat to pointe with more support, more comfort and a better overall line. Elastic Drawstring.These shoes are rather small - therefore, please choose a full size up from street shoes. Matching ribbon, toe pads and toe caps are found under "Accessoires"

  • Capezio 1121 Studio Pointe

  • from 23.20 €
      • European Pink

  • The Studio Pointe Shoe is built to be quieter and last longer. Features a tapered reinforced toe box, round vamp and reduced sides. Pleated tie with quiet toe construstion. New elasticised binding encases an elastic drawstring to reduce bagging at the heel cup, while on pointe. Short leather outsole and new cotton wrapped shank.

  • Capezio 317 Demi Soft

  • from 21.40 €
      • European Pink

  • Shankless pointe shoe to aid in the preparation of pointe work. Broad feathered toe box with lightly pasted wings. Medium length vamp. Round shaped throat. Hand flattened crown. Cotton lining. Nylon binding with elastic drawstring. Short leather outer sole. Full 3.5mm DRYZ® socklining.

  • Capezio 1116 Demi Pointe Tapered

  • from 22.00 €
      • European Pink

  • The new Capezio Demi Pointes featuring: tapered toe box (particularly suitable for students with a narrow forefoot with tapered toes), narrow platform, stitched toe box with quiet toe construction, round troat, low vamp, soft cotton lining, light strngth box, feathered pasted box with very light wings, internal cushion at platform, satin binding, elastic drawstring, short leather outer sole, no shank

  • Merlet Starlet

  • from 16.00 €
      • Pink

  • Pointe Shoe "Starlet" by Pietra (Merlet) with 1/4 sole. Can also be used as a Demi-Pointe.