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von Werner Kern

  • Elegant and comfortable Werner Kern dance shoes. The adjustable strap provides a secure grip. Heel height: Comfortable 6 cm heel (measured from the side) with a broad step surface for stability Last: Excellent fit. Generously spaced around the toes thanks to the round form of the shoe. Midsole: Extremely soft and flexible latex midsole. Heel: Shock-absorbing cushioned heel and feather-weight micro-heel Material: Soft glove-quality exclusive suede leather that provides a wonderfully gentle and supple fit. Lining: high-quality breathable and moisture-absorbent calfskin lining. Outsole: High-quality suede leather Buckle: Nickel-free
  • When you are not sure which size to choose, we will gladly advise you - simply call us or send us an email. Alternatively, you can inform us on your street shoe size under "remarks" when ordering. We will then do the rest.