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Ladies Niki 5,5

von Werner Kern

  • Werner Kern dancing shoe with triple leaf division and double cross heel straps. The shoe has individually adjustable crossed instep and heel straps below the sole and at the heel, offering a comfortable fit. Heel Hight: 5 cm(measured from the side) with a broad step surface for stability Last: For narrow feet Midsole: Soft and flexible latex midsole Heel: Shock-absorbent heel cushioning Material: Suede leather Lining: breathable and moisture-absorbent leather Outsole: High-quality suede leather Buckle: Nickel-free
  • When you are not sure which size to choose, we will gladly advise you - simply call us or send us an email. Alternatively, you can inform us on your street shoe size under "remarks" when ordering. We will then do the rest.