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Ballet Shoes 03017 TEMPO

von Grishko (5310347003615)

  • The newest high-tech Grishko ballet slipper is called TEMPO and ist an improvement of the very popular Model 06. It has an integral elastic running along the arch. While stretching the toes, the elastic automatically pulls the fabric up under the arch to create a clean profile. The shoes have the following features: - Elastic drawstrings and one sided pre-sewn elastics to ensure a perfect fit - No side seams - Supportive heel that retains shape - Shock absorbing heel pad ? Soft suede split sole. In the new model, the soles are smaller and anatomically shaped, the heel padding is thicker and the shoes are lined with a soft material for comfort.
  • When you are not sure which size to choose, we will gladly advise you - simply call us or send us an email. Alternatively, you can inform us on your street shoe size under "remarks" when ordering. We will then do the rest.
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