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CD Alternative dance music for ballet class No. 1

von SETt

  • After decades of taking and giving ballet classes with conventional ballet piano music, and after long fruitless search for alternative sounds for the lessons Sebastian Eilers, dancer, choreographer, dancing instructor and leader of Nuremberg SETanztheater, now puts into action this need for fresh musical wind. With the jazz musicians Tobias Birke (percussion) and Johannes Billich (piano) originated under the management of Sebastian Eilers a new training music after the claims of the classical ballet lessons. The first test lessons with this music achieved very positive reactions of the pupils. With the refreshing new sounds the pupils felt better supported also musically in the implementation of the exercises. It is an aim of the new music to get the pupil easier to move with own musical consciousness. This music inspires not only the lessons with advanced pupils. Beginner's classes will be motivated also and this sound promises a good mood with dance exercises with children.